WOD 10.17.19

Full Body CARs Routine

Followed by…

10-15 minutes on skill work of your choice. Pick 2-3 things to work on from any modality and rotate through your chosen stations, spending a minute or two at each one. Repeat for 2-3 sets. Modalities include Olympic lifting, gymnastics, double-unders, or accessory work for any special goal you have.


4 Rounds for time
Row 500 Meters
Run 400 Meters
20/15 Calories of Assault Bike
10 Dumbbell Box Step-Overs (50/35 lb DBs to 24″/20″)

WOD 10.16.19

Wall Slides x 10
Pec Activation

Followed by…

Every Minute on the Minute for 6 minutes (2 sets):
Station 1 – Parallette Shoot-Throughs x 3-5 reps
Station 2 – Glute Bridges x 10
Station 3 – Paloff Side Steps x 4-5 each side


Accessory work
Three sets of:
1-1-2 Dumbbell Bench Press x 8 reps
Rest 60-90 seconds
Kettlebell Rows x 6 reps each arm
Rest 60-90 seconds

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 15 minutes of:
20 Lateral Jumps Over Barbell
10 Strict Handstand Push-Ups or L-Seated Dumbbell Presses
5 Strict Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups or scaled Strict Pull Ups

WOD 10.14.19

12-Minute Mobility for Hip Hinge Day

Followed by…

Accessory work
Every minute, on the minute, for 16 minutes (4 sets) of:
Station 1 – Snatch-Grip Romanian Deadlift x 6 reps
Station 2 – Waiter’s Carry x 20-25 seconds each arm
Station 3 – Supine Ring Rows x 8 reps
Station 4 – L-Sit Hold or scaled L Sit x 30-40 seconds (accumulate the time)

Every 4 minutes, for 20 minutes (5 sets) for times:
500 Meter Row
20 Alternating Single-Arm Dumbbell Snatches