WOD 08.14.18


Every 2 minutes at each station, for 24 minutes (3 sets of each)

Station 1 – Deadlift x 8 reps (moderate to heavy load)
Station 2 – Plank Hold x 60 seconds
Station 3 – Alternating Bent-Over Dumbbell Row x 8 reps each arm (heavy)
Station 4 – 100-Meter Farmer Carry + Waiter’s Carry

(hold a heavy DB or KB at side in farmers carry, and a lighter DB/KB overhead in waiter’s carry; switch arms at 50-meters)

Hero Saturday 08.11.18


10 Rounds for time

115-lb. thrusters, 5 reps

10 pull-ups

100-meter sprint

Rest 1 minute

U.S. Army Capt. Jason Holbrook, 28, of Burnet, Texas, assigned to 1st Battalion, 3rd Special Forces Group (Airborne), based out of Fort Bragg, North Carolina, was killed on July 29, 2010, in Tsagay, Afghanistan, when insurgents attacked his vehicle with an improvised explosive device.

He is survived by his wife, Heather; and his parents, Joan and James.

First posted Jan. 27, 2011

WOD 08.09.18

Accessory Work

Every 2 minutes, for 24 minutes (3 sets of each)
Station 1 – Dumbbell Bench Press x 12 reps
Station 2 – Single-Arm Dumbbell Row x 8 reps each arm
Station 3 – Dips x 10 reps
Station 4 – Side Plank x 45 seconds each side


Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 9 minutes of:
6 Burpees
12 Dumbbell Push Press
18 Ab Mat Sit Ups

Pick a DB weight that will allow the first four rounds to be 12 reps unbroken