WOD 05.15.19

Every 90 seconds, for 9 minutes (2 sets) of
Station 1 – 30 seconds Bear Crawl + 30 seconds Plank Shoulder Taps
Station 2 – 30 seconds per side of Rotational Medicine Ball Throws use a light weight med ball.
Station 3 – Static Hang from pull up bar x 30-60 seconds (one set pronated, one supinated)


Every 2 minutes, for 30 minutes (3 rounds) of
Station 1 – 400 Meter Run or Row
Station 2 – 30 Wall Balls
Station 3 – 400 Meter Run or Row
Station 4 – 15 Strict Pull-Ups or Ring Rows
Station 5 – 15 Burpee Box Jump or Step-Overs

Your goal should be to finish this entire workout without falling short in any interval. If the prescribed repetitions or distances are unattainable, please adjust the reps such that you are able to complete the first round (10 minutes) relatively comfortably, you are challenged in the second round, and the third round will be very challenging both mentally and physically.

On the other hand, if the above prescription is too easy for your current level, please increase the number of repetitions/distances to ensure that your rounds match the desired levels of intensity noted above

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