WOD 05.03.19

Pronated Hang (palms away, pull up grip) x 60 seconds
12-Minute Mobility for Hip Hinge Day
Supinated Hang (palms facing you, chin up grip) x 60 seconds

Accessory Work
Three sets of
Deadlift or Trap Bar Deadlifts x 8 reps
Rest 60 seconds
Weighted Pull-Up use weighted dip belt or hold a DB between your legs x 4 reps
Rest 60 seconds
Front-Leaning Rest on Rings x 45-60 seconds
Rest 60 seconds

Take enough time to warm-up and build so that all three sets of Deadlifts and Weighted Pull-Ups are heavy and challenging.

Three sets of:
20 Calories of Assault Bike
100-Foot Walking Lunges with Farmer’s Hold (53 lb KB)
Rest 2 minutes

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