WOD 02.13.18


Power Snatch 70% x 2, 75% for 2 x 3, 80% for 2 x 2, 85% for 2 x 1, 88% x 1

Bench Press (Alternate Grip) 5 x 3

Gymnastics Skill Work

EMOM 8 minutes

Odd: 30 sec Handstand Hold

Even: 5-7 Ring Dips

Strength Skill Work

4 sets:

Turkish Get-ups x 3 each side (building in weight if possible, try to end heavier than last week)


“Abs Gone Bad”

3 Rounds for Total Reps

1 min Row for Calories

1 min Sit-ups

1 min Air Squats

1 min Russian Twists with KB

30 seconds left/30 seconds right; side plank hold with a reach

1 min Rest

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