WOD 12.22.17 “Test 5”

In 2003 Coach Glassman wrote the article “How fit are you?” In the article Coach describes a series tests to be conducted over a five day period with one test given everyday. These tests are designed to challenge all ten general physical skills (cardio respiratory endurance, strength, stamina, power, speed, flexibility, agility, accuracy, coordination, and balance).

Each test can also be converted into a workout in order to improve the specific physical skill addressed. Lastly, Coach designed the tests to be “hard as hell”.

Enjoy this week, push yourself and test your fitness!

Test 5: Run 800 meters, Thrusters 75 lbs x 21 reps, “L” Pull-ups 21 reps

Performance: The thruster must originate from a full squat each rep. The “L” pull-ups are pull-ups with the legs extended straight out in front of the athlete. Any pull-up where the heels fall below the butt or the legs bend other than slightly is disallowed. The thruster and “L” pull-ups need not be performed consecutively, i.e. without breaking. Any grip is O.K. for the pull-up, but the range of motion must be complete.

Scoring: The entire effort is timed from the start of the run to the last pull-up. A time is returned in minutes and seconds.

Modifications: Where necessary, the load for the thrusters may be reduced and the “L” pull-ups can be assisted by gently lifting the heels or allowing a “sloppy L.” For those not able to perform a pull-up, an assisted pull-up may be used.

Character: This test is classic CrossFit. The combination of a monostructural metabolic exercise (running) combined with a high demand weightlifting movement (Thruster: front squat/push press), and a super demanding bodyweight movement (“L” pull-up), all for time, is distinctly CrossFit and is directly indicative of an athlete’s total capacity.

Workout: This test can be practiced as a workout by performing the test and repeating  after an extended rest.


Scoring the Tests: The total points for all five tests can range from 20 to 100 points. An individual getting 20 points total for all five tests is a reasonably good athlete. Anyone scoring 100 points has credible claim to being one of the fittest men on earth. Don’t despair if your score looks like what would be a D- on a sixth grade spelling test – the numbers are just that, numbers.


4 Points: 6:00 – 5:31

8 Points: 5:30 – 5:01

12 Points: 5:00 – 4:31

16 Points: 4:30 – 4:01

20 Points: Less then 4:00 minutes

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