WOD 12.19.17 “Test 2”

In 2003 Coach Glassman wrote the article “How fit are you?” In the article Coach describes a series tests to be conducted over a five day period with one test given everyday. These tests are designed to challenge all ten general physical skills (cardio respiratory endurance, strength, stamina, power, speed, flexibility, agility, accuracy, coordination, and balance).

Each test can also be converted into a workout in order to improve the specific physical skill addressed. Lastly, Coach designed the tests to be “hard as hell”.

Enjoy this week, push yourself and test your fitness!

Test 2: Clean and Jerk 15 Reps

Performance: There is no time limit, but the weight cannot be rested on the ground. Resting at the hang, rack, or overhead is O.K. At the ground, the athlete must touch and go. Technique is otherwise not critical.

Scoring: The score is exactly the load lifted.

Modifications: There are no modifications needed for this test.

Character: This classic movement is traditionally an excellent test of overall strength, but when performed at 15 reps becomes an extraordinary metabolic challenge as evidenced by max heart and respiratory rate.

Workout: This test can be practiced as a workout by completing the test (15 reps) and then repeating at twelve and nine reps with the same load, resting between efforts as needed. The same rules apply to the workout. All reps for all three rounds must be touch and go. Resting is only allowed in the front rack, overhead or at the hang.


4 Points: 115-134 lbs

8 Points: 135-159 lbs

12 Points: 160 – 189 lbs

16 Points: 190 – 224 lbs

20 Points: 225 +


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