WOD 11.14.17


8 Rounds

1 Clean pull (add 50 pounds to you clean weight)

Rest 30 seconds

1 Clean (start at 70% and work up each round)

Rest 1 minute

Upper body muscular imbalance 

4 rounds not for times

1 rope climb

10 ring dips

10L/10R DB bent-over rows


3 Rounds for time

20 KB Swings (max weight 53/44)

10 Muscle Ups (scale to the most difficult pull-up you can perform)

15 Wall Balls (max 20/14 to a 10 foot target)

10 Handstand Push ups

10 Power Clean (max weight of 185/115)

Rest 3:1 (if a round takes 2 minutes; rest for 6 minutes) Move through each round as quickly as possible, you should have plenty of recovery between each round.

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