WOD 11.13.17


8 Rounds

1 Snatch Pull (use about 50 pounds more than you power snatch weight)

Rest 30 seconds

1 Power Snatch (start at about 70% and add weight each round)

Rest 1 minute


Work up to a heavy set of 3 back squats, reduce by 10% and then complete 2 x 3

Lower Body Muscular Imbalance 

4 Rounds

10L/10R Box Step Up with DB’s in front rack

10 yards/10 yards walking lung with DB’s in front rack


4 Rounds

With a 90 second clock complete the following

3 Touch and go, heavy power snatch (80% of last snatch from strength workout)

5 Burpee box jumps (max height of 30 inches)

With remaining time max calories on the rower

Rest 3 minutes


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