WOD 10.30.17


EMOM 12 minutes 

1 Power Snatch with a 3 second pause 2 inches off the ground, start at 70% and add weight each minute 


Work up to a heavy set of 5 Back Squat, reduce by 10% and then complete 2 x 5

Lower Body Muscular Imbalance 

4 x 10L/10R weighted box step ups. Use two heavy KB or DB’s

4 x 10L/10R Romanian Dead Lifts with a single heavy KB 


3 Rounds 

With a 90 second clock 

3 Heavy Touch and Go Power Snatches (about 75% of you last EMOM Rep)

5 Burpee Box Jumps (max height 30/24) 

With remaining time Row for max calories 

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