WOD 10.26.17


Work up to a heavy set of 5 Push Press; reduce by 10% and complete 5 then reduce by another 10% and complete a max rep set 

Upper Body Muscular Imbalance 

EMOM 16 minutes 

ODD: 5 to 10 Dips 

EVEN: 5 to 10 each arm Dumbell curl to press 


2 Rounds for time 

10 Heavy Thrusters (max weight 175/115)

Rest 2 minutes 

Then after 5 minutes rest…

3 Rounds for Time 

10 Handstand Push Ups with a 2-4 inch deficit 

15 Wall Balls (20/14 lbs to a 10 foot target) 

30 Double Unders 

Rest 3 minutes 

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