WOD 10.02.17


EMOM 12 minute

1 Power Snatch with a 1 second pause at the knee

Start at 70 % and work up, no misses


Work up to a heavy 8 rep of back squats, reduce by 10% and then 2 x 8

Lower body imbalance work 

3 x 10L/10R Suitcase Deadlift with heavy KB or DB. Stand on a 45 plate to create a deficit for the deadlift

3 x 10L/10R walking lunge with a pair of heavy KB’s or DB’s.


4 rounds

With a 90 Second Clock

5 Power Snatch, touch and go at about 65% of you last EMOM power snatch

9 Box Jumps (max height of 30 inches)

Max calories on the Assault Bike

Rest 3 minutes

The weight on the snatches has increased and the number of box jumps has increased. Good luck

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