WOD 09.26.17


Dynamic Deadlifts!

EMOM 8 minutes

1 Deadlift with 3 second pause 2″ off the floor and then explode to complete the lift

start at 70% and increase each minute to a max of 88%

Upper Body Muscular Imbalance

3 x 10 Dips (as many strict per set as possible)

3 x 10 Pull Ups (as many strict per set as possible)



Deadlift (max weight of 190/140,260/170,310/205,360/240)

These weights are a five pound increase on each round from last week. If you did not hit the listed weights last week, increase your lifts by 5 pounds per round.


Goblet squat or Double KB Front squat (max weights of 44/35,53/44,70/53,88/53)

These weights are a slight increase from last week as well. For 88 pound front squats use two 44 pound KB’S.


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