WOD 09.25.17


EMOM 10 minutes

1 rep Power Snatch, with a 3 second pause at the knee. Start at 70% and work up each minute.


Work up to a 10 rep max Back Squat. Warm up to a heavy set of 5, rest a couple minutes and then use that weight for a set of 10.

Lower Body Imbalance Work

3 x 10 left leg / 10 right leg walking lunge with a pair of heavy KB or DB’s.

3 x 10 left / 10 right single leg dead lift with a pair of heavy KB or DB’s. Do not add weight until you can do 10 unbroken single leg dead lifts without loosing your balance.


4 rounds of…

With a 90 Second clock

5 touch and go power snatch (at 63% of your last weight on the EMOM)

7 Box Jumps (max height of 30/24)

With remaining time Max Cal on the Assault Bike!

Rest 4 minutes between rounds, goal is full recovery each round. This will allow for maximum effort each round!


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