WOD 09.18.17


EMOM for 8 minutes

1 rep of Power Snatch with a 3 second pause at the knee. Start at about 70% of your 1 rep max and build up through the 8 rounds.


Work up to a 10 rep max of Back Squat. Take a few minutes to work to a heavy 5 rep set; rest a couple minutes and do a 10 rep set with the same weight.

Muscular Imbalance Work 

3 x 10L/10L Single Leg Suitcase Dead Lifts (use a moderate weight KB or DB); if you are new to these lower the weight to work on your balance.

3 x 10L/10R weighted Box step ups with KB or DB in each hand. Use a box that allows your femur to be parallel to the ground and drive up with the leg on the box, do not push off with the trail leg.


3 rounds of the following…

Set a 90 second clock

5 power snatch (use about 60% of your last weight on the EMOM)

7 box jumps (max height of 30 inches)

With remaining time on the 90 second clock max burpees!

Rest 4 minutes between rounds

Score is total burpees for all three rounds. Goal is to recover and go all out each round. Try and hit the same number of burpees each round.



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