WOD 06.19.17

We will be staring a strength and conditioning cycle here at CrossFit 1850. This will be our first attempt at a planned cycle. This program was developed by CrossFit Athlete, Power Lifter and Coach Crystal McCullough. Crystal is a Coach at Mash Elite Performance and CrossFit Haymount.

This is a great program and is set up to improve both your big lifts and your conditioning at the same time! The program begins with several conditioning tests to set a benchmark. At the end of the program those workouts will be retested to check our improvement. This is also a very easy program to scale and manage for athletes of all levels.

Power Snatch find a 3 Rep Max and then 90% of 3RM for 2 x 3

Back Squat find a 5 Rep Max and then 85% of 5RM for Max Reps

Conditioning Test 1: 

10 Rounds for time

4 Burpees

6 KB Swings (Max weight of 70/53)

8 Wall Balls (Max weight 20/14 and 10 foot target for men and women)

Record your weights used and time; this will be retested in several weeks, good luck!

Thank you to Travis Mash and the Mash Elite Olympic Weightlifting Team!




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