03.30.12 Fridays Fantastic Frenzy…

We are so proud of the determination and enthusiasm our athletes bring with them to CF1850 to accomplish their goals and we want to know more about those goals…..

Since your involvement with CF1850 what goals have you met?  What is your current goal or the next goal you want to work towards and how can we help you reach it?

Let us know…either leave a reply to this post or shoot us an email

With the recent shift change we are excited about a couple athletes: Ryan is now training with us during daylight hours and did you notice…Tanner is back!!!  Amazing job you two!

The following CF1850 athletes fought through 90reps of Curtis P tonight.       Bill G, Gary, Dee, Jason, Mike D, Tyson, Mike C, Matt L, Tanner, Matt L2 and Bill K 

What a great end to a tough week of training!!

1 thought on “03.30.12 Fridays Fantastic Frenzy…

  1. My goal is to be more fit than anyone at Blumenthal’s, Extreme Products or 911 Supply. Beyond that, I want to be an example to my sons and hopefully someday have a taxi driver say “Look at your arms!” That would be cool, right coach Pat?

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